10 Great Social Media Monitoring Tools !

25/04/2012 08:44

Social Media Monitoring is a MUST. You need to listen to what clients & consumers talk about on the internet. There are a lot of tools to monitor. Some are very expensive but there are a few good tools that will do the job for you for FREE !

Free monitoring tools may fill your needs if you work for a small nonprofit or your business has no need for more sophisticated services (coming tomorrow). Just remember: Free monitoring tools aren’t really free — they require an investment of staff time and analysis.

And a word of advice: Don’t begin with the tools. Begin with a strategy — a social media game plan. Think of this as a multi-step process: Listen, learn, engage, act and measure. Listening is only the first step — you need to take action on what you discover.

Just click on the following picture & find your way to some FREE Social Media Monitoring Tools !



Good luck and have fun to see what other have to tell about you !