There is more ! Digital meets Offline !

17/04/2012 15:53

There is more then just Digital !

I must tell you that I am working with offline ways of presentation from the year 2000. Think about cardboard binders, luxury boxes, games and other ways of presentation. But all outside the scoop of the digital world. But by the end of 2006 I started my company Good id BV that was specialised in luxury and out-of-the-box ways of presentation products. That brought me from the Netherlands to the USA and towards Asia. During that time I got interested in online ways of presentation. So that is when I got my love for all the things about Social Media.

But the oflline world of presentation always will play an important role in my life and I will be the last man on this planet that will say that the offline ways of presentation will dissappaer from this world. I belive that the online word of Social Media will be the most important ways of finding the way to new leads but the offline ways will always be there.

That is why I am always looking around me for a way to combine both products together. And we found a wonderful partner to make this happen. And just to give you a quick view I have added a picture and a short movie about the product. Just have a quick look.

Give a click on the picture and the movie will start !