How to make your Social Media Campaign Work !

04/03/2012 09:44


source : Craig H Collins

Cost efficient and targeted are two main reasons why advertisers and business owners are turning to Social Media to promote their businesses. Furthermore, running a social media campaign is a lot more convenient than doing a traditional media campaign since there are fewer things to learn and tracking systems can be readily available to monitor the campaign real time.

If you’re planning to run a social media campaign, keep the following things in mind for maximum effectiveness:

1. Know who you are talking to and be relevant

The beauty of being in a social network is its ability to connect you to different groups of people on a more intimate level. Having a ready audience to talk to makes the task of promoting an offering possible with just a few clicks. Simple and powerful.

As easy as it may be to talk to people using social media, your message should always be relevant to your audience. Imagine what impact it would bring your campaign when you promote your delicious all beef burger to a group of hardcore vegans. This is an exaggerated example but the point is, instead of gaining favourable response from potentially new clients, efforts could be wasted because the message is not relevant to the audience.

The idea here is very simple. People pay attention to what they see online so take advantage of this and craft your message suitably for the right audience.

2Be original. In social media, monotony does not work.

Capturing people’s attention is necessary. In social media, the more creative your campaign is the higher your chance of getting your audience’s attention. If creating an entirely new concept is a problem, study and observe past social media campaigns. Identify the success factors with those campaigns and inject your own creative punch to it to make it your own.People are drawn to fresh ideas that give them the thrill of trying out something new.

3. Keep it simple

Say what you want to say the fastest and most effective way you can. You risk losing the interest of your audience when you ask them to go through several steps before getting to the end of you campaign push. Clearly define your objective and then design your campaign (but always make it easy for the people to participate in it.)

4. Make your call to action clear and direct to the point

What do you want people to take away after seeing your campaign? What do you wish to achieve with a specific campaign? The design and execution of your campaign should always be clear, consistent and right to the point. Keep your audience focused on your message and don’t divert their attention from what you are offering by pointing them to different directions or different websites.

A social media campaign can easily be learned and executed by practically anyone who knows how to surf the internet but because social media facilitates communication to a highly targeted audience the message of the campaign should be well crafted and executed. With this in mind, the challenge first lies in getting the attention of your target audience and keeping their interest until the end and hopefully getting them to act on your offering.