Pinterest Driving More Online Sales Than Any Other Network

30/05/2012 13:06

source : Social Mouths

Just a few weeks ago we were reading about how Pinterest monthly visitor growth was slowing down.According to ComScore, Pinterest went from 11.7 million unique visitors in January to 17.8 in February and 18.7 in March. Pretty impressive numbers if you ask me…When we discussed user growth and low engagement on Google+last week, I said that although we tend to look at user growth and monthly visitors to measure success on social networks, there are other metrics that are more important.

And that’s why I like this infographic. Sure, Pinterest is now the #3 most popular social network in the US over LinkedIn and that is also pretty impressive. As a traffic generator, Pinterest is the new StumbleUpon. I don’t know about you but for SocialMouths it has been in the top 10 referral traffic sources for the last 3 months.

But this is about something even more important, driving actual sales. Social Commerceis something the other social networks are still trying to figure out, including Facebook.

This infographic is mostly based on data Shopify has collected based on their system. We’ll get passed information like the 145% growth in daily users since January this year and how referral traffic is higher than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. I want you to focus on how Pinterest generates sales.

Here are some important points:

  •   Pins with price tags get 36% more likes than those without it
  •   Pinterest contributed with 17% of social media driven revenue in Q1 2012, up 16% from Q2 2011
  •   Buyers coming from Pinterest are spending 10% more than the ones coming from other networks
  •   Brands are growing faster than on Twitter
  •   On Shopify, the average order coming from Pinterest is $80, higher than any other site including Google, Amazon and Facebook, which has an average of $40

And here is what I take away from this:

  •   How are people perceiving you? For the average social media user, Facebook is a network to socialize with friends and family.  That is why brands are not as successful as everybody thinks. Pinterest is perceived as a recommendation engine
  •   The Instagram purchase was a surprise, I thought everything pointed at Pinterest. But I’m pretty sure it is the next one and it will go for 2 billion (that’s what my crystal ball is saying)
  •   As a small business, there is absolutely no reason for you not to be on it. Just the referral traffic is reason enough but if you start driving some sales, that will be really good