Six Elements of a Winning Fan Page !

07/03/2012 20:28


source : Craig H Collins

For businesses of every size, establishing a Facebook fan page is the easiest way to get massive exposure. As an expansion of your website or as the stand-alone representation of your business, a Facebook fan page is a very effective and inexpensive medium to potentially reach millions.Free, effortless to create, and simple to maintain, Facebook fan pages can easily benefit companies with even the smallest marketing budget. And you don’t have to be a tech geek to create a highly effective and dynamic page. Great fan pages accomplish much more than merely acting as your storefront; they entertain, inform and, if you’re really good, infuse your audience to become passionate about you and or your brand. Following are some of the most common elements shared by successful fan pages:

Facebook Fan Page

1. Connect with other platforms. From your fan page, provide links to your website, your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other networking sites you have. Likewise, link each of your Facebook pages to one another, too.

2. Give them a reason to become a fan. If Facebook users are provided some incentive to click “Like” in order to participate on your page, access a coupon, etc. they are WAY more likely to do so. Make your “Like” button a tool or a key, if you will, that unlocks exclusive content on your page. People love exclusivity!

3. Understanding demographics. Successful Facebook fan pages study demographics of their fans and target their ads and campaigns toward their specific target market. Demographics change, and great Facebook marketers keep current on demographic changes and trends in their marketplace.

4. Variety of interactive media. The most successful Facebook fan pages offer a diversity of interactive media. Among them, the best tool is video. Studies have shown that including a relevant video on your page dramatically increases viewer participation. People can’t resist a Play button! Other interactive media choices are available through Facebook Apps that include game widgets, polls and contests. Keep them clicking and you’ll have raving fans for life!

5. Regular status updates that capture attention. Posting regular status updates is easy to do through Twitter and Facebook Mobile. I recommend posting to your page once a day or every other day. Posting more frequently than once a day could annoy your fans, which will have them rushing to “unlike” your page.

6. Custom landing pages. Landing pages for first-time visitors are a great way of introducing yourself and your business. You should also consider creating landing tabs for your current fans to provide coupons or other incentives. Basically anything to keep them active on your page!

That’s my quick list of key fan page elments. So what elements make your fan page great?