Social Media is on the Rise !

14/02/2012 15:20


We all know Social Media used as a marketing tool is on the rise. Just some facts when looking at the B2B and B2C marketing. Some interesting figures. Check :

86% of the B2B use Social Media compared to 82% in the B2C Business.

32% of the B2B engage on daily basis compared to 52% in the B2C Business

36% of the B2B companies surveyed said there was low executive interest in Social Media compared with 9% within the B2C companies

46% of the B2B respondents said Social Media was perceived as irrelevant with the company. 12% of the B2C companies experience the same problem.

10% of the B2B companies use and external Social Media consultant. Within the B2C this is 28%.

B2B spending will grow to USD 54 Million by the end of 2014 specific for Social Media marketing.

50% of the B2B Marketers formally analyze metrics to judge ROI. But those who do this find online marketing more effective.

40% of the B2B marketers plan to boost their marketing budget for this year.