Travel Industry Social Media Trends for 2012

23/04/2012 08:09

source : Eric Melin

Cool Travel Industry Social Media Infographic

The travel industry has been closely linked with social media ever since smart phones have given everybody and their mother an outlet to complain about their flight. (Just askAmerican Airlines and Alec Baldwin.)

Two of the biggest questions for companies in the travel industry are:

1. How are travelers driving the industry’s ever-evolving business goals?

2. Are companies are able to calculate social media ROI?

Simpliflying, in partnership with Eyefortravel, created this infographic with those questions in mind. It seems like the adoption rate for social media is unusually high in the travel industry. One statistic shows that over 70% of travel marketers are using social media to “build their brands. In addition, 45% of travel marketers are confident of having unlocked useful data to measure ROI on their social media strategies.

This number is even higher for mobile, and almost half of all the airlines surveyed said they plan to increase their presence in location-based social networks in 2012. Check out this cool infographic about social media in the travel industry: