Trends in Social Mobile by Jeff Bullas

26/04/2012 11:09

Trend #1  Social Mobile

We can not ignore the fact that the Smart Phone takes over our lifes. I would say that when you read this post your SMART PHONE is lying within a few feet from you OR maybe you are reading this post on your Smart Phone. Therefore we need to know that Social Mobile is getting more & more important by the minute. Businesses need to put Social Mobile on to the agenda of their Social Media Strategy !

A small but interesting piece of information from Jeff Bullas !

The first trend we looked at was the the rise of the social mobile. The synergy of mobile and social networks is combining to make us addicted to our socially networked enabled smart phones that allow us to view our Facebook or Twitter account anywhere at anytime.

The numbers

  • Current research puts the number of mobiles at north of 5.5 billion devices
  • 1,2 billion have internet connected phones (smart phones)
  • 425 million users use their mobile to check in to Facebook
  • 55% of Twitter traffic is from the mobile
  • 400 million YouTube views are from mobile devices

The implications

  • Huge growth potential
  • Create content for mobile devices
  • Design and develop websites and blogs for mobile viewing
  • Make it easy for viewers to act on that mobile content in a social manner (sharing)

Onderwerp: Trends in Social Mobile by Jeff Bullas

Date: 26/04/2012

By: Bart Adriaansen

Subject: Remarks

Good to see that Social Mobile is in the rise !

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