Why Is Customer Loyalty Important !

07/02/2012 14:28


Customers are the most important, or they should be. With a proper approach they may naturally turn into clients and later into brand ambassadors and advocates. When speaking about loyal customers, these are the most valuable assets of a business and should be approached in a special way. So why is customer loyalty important and some businesses forget or does not care really about it? It has been said and written many times – it’s important to keep loyal customers happy and make them at least feel pampered as they repeat purchase, spend more and refer to your business, products and services to their peers.

First step is to understand what customer loyalty is, the next one is to continuously work on its enhancement and cultivation. So why it is so important?

The infographic below, made by NBRI, summarizes and explains why CMOs should focus on loyalty programs and CRM – it’s much easier to loose a customer these days and more pricey to persuade him/her to return.