Why is your Content not shared on Social Media Networks ?

23/02/2012 15:35


Do you wonder how to get your content seen amidst a sea of information? What if you could understand why your audience shares some information and not other? That would make your content stand out from the competition


30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month, including blog posts, links, news stories and photo albums.

HubSpot’s Dan Zarrella has found that three things must happen to get your content shared.

First, people must be exposed to your content (be a fan on Facebook or follow you on Twitter). Second, they must be aware of your content (meaning they actually see it). Finally, they must be motivated by something in your content to share it.

Many articles have been written on how to increase your audience size and make people aware of your content, including these by Mari Smith and Denise Wakeman. This article will focus on the motivations for sharing.

The New York Times recently partnered with Latitude Research to unpack thepsychology of sharing. Based on their study of 2500 participants (and some other recent research), here are 9 reasons why your customers aren’t sharing your content.

#1 The customers do not trust you !

Stated plainly, people won’t share your content if they don’t find you or your content tobe trustworthy.

#2 Customers do not care about your brand !

Your customers are looking for valuable information, great deals and a chance to meet other people who share their interests. As soon as you stop offering these things, your fans will go looking elsewhere.

#3 Your posts are boring !

“Don’t be boring,” says Grandma Mary, the alter-ego of Social Media Examiner’s Facebook community manager,Andrea Vahl. People are far more likely to share something they find intriguing or funny.

#4 People care about causes more than brands !

Let’s face it. People rarely wake up wondering what they can do for XYZ brand today. But they do dream of ways to help their favorite cause. Whether it’s ending poverty, supporting Greenpeace or advancing a local charity, many people give sacrificially to help things they care about.

#5 People share to build relationships with others !

Research shows that people value relationships with other people, not necessarily with brands. They are definitely looking for community. Your brand might be able to create a platform for that community.

#6 Customers are looking for Validation !

Some things haven’t changed since junior high. We are all trying to build credibilityin the eyes of our friends. We want to be seen as experts in some area(s).

#7 People share to manage information !

People who share your content may be using it to crystallize their thinking. Make sure to give them some new thought-provoking content and don’t forget to invite their comments.

#8 You've misunderstood your audience !

Think through your content-sharing strategy for each platform, knowing whom you are likely to reach.

#9 People are more personal with e-mail !

The study authors discovered that people have not abandoned email. In fact, participants share most frequently through email and consider it more private. Therefore they have higher expectations for responses through email.