Why use Google+ as an online marketing tool !?

07/03/2012 20:37


The modern way we do business has made it impossible for business owners to ignore the Internet, as its role in marketing and promotion of any business is very important. Providing that you do not live in a country where Internet access in not widely available, you will easily be able to see that without establishing a strong online presence, your business will never have a real chance of being a success.

Using Social Media Websites as a Business Promotion Tool

So, you have decided to start a business of your own, and you have invested a lot of money in it - you probably cannot afford to hire a professional to build you a great-looking website. Still, never mind, as there is an easy way to establish a strong online presence for your business even without building your own website - and this is done through social platforms. These websites have millions of people using them on a regular basis, which means thousands of potential customers and clients for your business, just waiting for you to present your business to them. Even though Facebook and Twitter have been the dominant social platforms for this in the last few years, Google+ is actually gaining on them, and it is definitely the place to be if you are a new business owner.

Why Should You Focus on Google+?

There is a very simple answer to this question - because it is the best option for you. This doesn't mean that you should ignore Facebook and Twitter completely, but it rather means that Google's social platform is becoming more and more prominent, and you should use this fact to your own advantage. Facebook is a social network that features everybody, and this really means everybody - the young and the elderly, professionals and amateurs, the rich and the poor, and so forth. On the other hand, there is Google+, which is a social network that primarily attracts professionals and serious people, unlike Facebook where you can always find a lot more jokers and pranksters than you would really like to reach.

The Benefits of Using Google's Social Platform for Promoting Your Business

First of all, Google+ is, according to many users, easier to use than Facebook or Twitter. This is probably because you will not be subject to as many posts/shares/tweets as you would be on Facebook and Twitter. So, Google+ is basically a very practical social media network, without the disadvantages that come with some other social platforms. Aside from this, one of the biggest advantages of this social media network is that you have a much better chance of attracting serious customers and clients, which means people who will actually consider using your services or buying your products.

Another important benefit of using this social media website is that your competition will probably not be as fierce as it would be on Facebook or Twitter. Namely, many people are still ignoring Google when it comes to social media, and this is why you can be the first from your line of business to create a Google+ Business Page. Google will also offer you a great deal of its own products, and this includes Gmail, Google Voice, Google Docs, Google Reader and many others.


So, you can probably now conclude that Google+ really is a great online marketing tool for you as an ambitious business owner. What's more, creating a business page on this website will not only be easy, but also completely free, so this means that you will not have to invest too much time or money into establishing an online presence with Google+. In a nutshell, do not foolishly ignore Google's social platform, because it can bring you and your business a lot of success in a very short period of time.

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